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Sape Creative Department goes to lunch at LEE – the secret vip backroom is amazing!

Meals I've Cooked
Halibut and Cod cakes on kale


Tons more photos on Flickr

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As mentioned last week, Meagan and I travelled to Barbados, and while we have a lot of photos up here, I’ve also managed to consolidate all our video, and I’ve edited it together as part of my christmas gift to Meagan.

Meg and Seb Explore Barbados from Sebastian Speier on Vimeo.

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As usual, I’ve travelled home for the holidays, and while I thought I would be getting a nice rest, I’ve fallen pray to a nasty winter virus – probably imbibed on the plane ride here.  As such, I have been pretty weak and uninspired to take many photos.  I did manage to get some photos of the ritual my mom and I usually do in the morning on the 25th.  That is, eat bagels and lox, exchange gifts, drink mimosas, and be lazy.  Pyjamas mandatory.  Here are some others, while we’re at it.

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I know it appears as though I’ve been AFK, but the reality is that I’ve been real busy these days, and in the off-chance that I do sit down at the computer when I’m not at work, I’m working on the new portfolio and website.  It’s all coming together, and I’m really excited to launch it and be fully dedicated to making fun new experimental work, and updating the journal here.  Work is taking it’s toll, both my job and freelance – I’m having to stay late at work a lot because we’re launching the all-new eHarlequin.com in a week or so… In the meantime, I’m going to continue to be absent from the blog – I’m guessing for a couple more weeks.  I’d like to start using this as a place to post interesting things I find online, and not just a photographic journal and rhetorical rant-line so once I reach that milestone, you’ll see some more interesting stuff on here for sure.

To be a total jerk and go back on what I just said, here’s a quick photo update of what I’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

Week of March 8th – Got some sort of Norwalk / Stomach Bug / Food Poisoning and had an all night vomit party. Yes! Spent the next week recovering.  Luckily we gave Walter (the cat) back to Caitlin, and he wasn’t here to keep me up all night while I recovered from this awful blight.

Week of March 15th - Weather dramatically changes to warm, sunny and beautiful.  I try to incorporate the word beautiful into my vocabulary only to find no one can take me seriously when I use that word.  Go for a walk, grab a coffee, and run into Shannon on the street.  We also decide to swap our bedroom with my office for a more ideal home configuration.  I JUST set this office up, and now I have to take it all apart again.  Eugh…

Week of March 22nd – We go to blue mountain to stay at Ian’s cottage with Alexis, Ian and a friend of his.  It was the worst conditions I’ve ever experience on any mountain anywhere.  There was blue sheet ice, white hard ice, and the groomed snow was like pebbles.  I’m not just bitching because I’m used to skiing at west coast mountains like Whistler and Big White, but Ian actually said this was the worst he’s ever experienced at Blue Mountain and this is his hill!  It was still none-the-less a great time and it was nice to just get away from the city for a while.

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken about 500 photos, and I’ll be uploading a photo a day to my Flickr account over the next few weeks to compensate for my lack of posting on here.  Go there, and bookmark it, because I’ll be putting up photos from all of the stuff I mentioned above.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks!! Hopefully the next time I’m posting it’s to promote the newly launched site I’m working on.

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Not sure what agency made this, but it’s really well done.  Great execution!  If someone knows who made this, let me know!! They deserve some serious kudos. View here: http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/

Update: Meagan figured out it was done by Swedish interactive agency KokoKaka – of course!  They do all the best interactive video stuff.

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Amazing photo manipulation series entitled Super War Heroes by indonesian photographer Agan Harahap.

See entire series at Format here.
See Harahap’s website here.

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Taken at my desk a couple days ago.

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It’s been nearly a month since I’ve been back.  I think we’ve both felt under motivated and over worked to do anything personal.   We’re flooded with freelance gigs and we’re both working full-time on top of that so coming on here to post some self-absorbed nonsense has seemed superfluous to it all.  Now that a lot of the projects are wrapping up, though, and I have some more time to calm down a bit, I’d like to catch up with the regular updates.

First, the holidays were great – albeit busy and a little stressful.  I got a bad cold, so on top of running around like crazy trying to squeeze every person that I inevitably contacted into the small two week period, I had migraines, coughing fits, and muscle aches.  You can imagine how I would want a second holiday after all this.  I regret telling a lot of people that I could see them, when I actually didn’t end up having time – to you folks, I apologize profusely.  I had a week alone before Meagan flew out to meet me, but was sick during this time, so I didn’t really get much done before she arrived. Some pictures of the trip can be seen in this set, but I’d like to post a few of my favourites here.

I got some goodies for the holidays, too.  I wanted some new boots and a new coat so I got my parents to chip in and help me out.  I’ve never owned a real wool coat before, and I’m tired of always embarassing myself; showing up to restaurants or work events in a puffy down jacket.  I purchased the duffle coat by Surface to Air Paris and the boots are Red Wing.

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Some awesome images here of Otl Aicher working in his studio on Rotis back in the late 80′s.


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Worst day ever. I’m exhausted so here’s the short version. Proper update tomorrow.  Packed my stuff last night, got up at 6am EST.  Went to airport, had breakfast, waited around took off landed at Calgary all was fine.  Then I had to change planes, and that’s when it all went tits-up.  Waiting on the runway for four hours at Calgary with more than four annoying children within close proximity is enough to make anyone contemplate suicide.  Mood cues – The depressing Calgary winter; the immeasurable wait time; the crying babies, watching the de-icing procedure being done to countless airplanes other than ours.  It made for some nice photos, atleast.


Finally arrived in Vancouver five hours over schedule, and had been in transition for more than fourteen hours, at 5:30PM PST… Nothing a hot cup of rooibos, a warm shower, and a cozy bed wouldn’t cure.


Here’s another eerie shot I took on the tarmac.


Proper update tomorrow – exhausted now.

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